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Make use of. According to my experience, this is the best tool for my problem. Is there a way to run windows compatibility mode on repair or service drivers with the 64 bit? We are not computer repair guys, but we do work on laptops and have tried everything from booting the bios, updating drivers, fixing the boot process, etc. Any suggestions for a tool that can fix this would be appreciated. Seagate Media, PowerDuo Pro / Windows 7 64-bit? It has the proper keyboard, mouse, video ports, audio ports, USB, etc. What I am looking to do is see if a similar issue exists. Any feedback would be appreciated. It's a pretty complex laptop and I am happy to try anything. Thank you very much. I've tried the programs, including the ones from the net with no luck. Yes I'm an idiot, that's why I did a post. Would there be a particular model that might work better? I can't help if you don't provide information on what you tried. What was the model of laptop and what software were you using to test? What error or display did you get? What hardware or software did you use to attempt to test? Did you use a different tool from what was provided? Connecting USB devices is no longer a problem in Windows 7. Under device manager, click on the USB device, click on the properties tab, and click the check box for "Allow list to be managed by a list of drivers on my computer" If you have any USB devices connected, and the check box is not checked, uncheck it, and click "apply" and then the "restart" button. How to Create a User Account in Windows 7 Yes, the os key is the way to go. If this error appears, it means you have made a manual change to a core system file. Fixing this manually is a bad idea, but I will give you some information to help you fix it. Delete the.bat and.txt files in the folder. If the file you just deleted was a core system file, wait until the pc is rebooted again. Try to do a restore point, but if it didn't work, restore the full system, reinstall windows, and restore the system, or do a repair installation. Do you have any files like.lnk shortcuts, or program shortcuts?

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